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Inline editing in structure field table#99

I currently have a usecase where I work a lot with structure fields. But I find the current solution with modals rather difficult to use if you have to enter many records one after the other. With a possibility to edit the table view of the structure field directly inline you would have a similar flow as you know it now from modern productivity tools like or
I played around a bit and extended the structure field. What do you think? Is this an idea for the core?

a year ago

I love this.

a year ago

I would love to see more editing options for structure fields, both this inline style as well as an accordion style mentioned here:

a year ago

Use Case: I created this monster because it’s the simplest way to input the data. Also very fast to translate – just tab between the fields. Would be nice to use a structure field here.

10 months ago

Btw. Sylvain built a great plugin for inline-editing in structures:

7 months ago

Could be part of a general layout feature for structure fields, e.g. inline, drawer, accordion, default.

5 months ago