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Multiple (draft) versions of a page#30

Possibility so save page changes as draft versions of each site.

4 years ago

Is that the same as

4 years ago

I dont’ meant is as a workflow solution, but more like a draft or a different version (with different content) of a site. But maybe those could be combined, maybe there is also a better description for my topic.

4 years ago

To be honest, personally I don’t think I’ve yet understood what the idea is. Talking we about individual pages or a whole site?

4 years ago

Hi @Nico … we talk about pages and not the whole site. The idea is, to work (or save) on different versions (with different content) of a specific page. At the moment, I have to make a copy of a page to work on a newer version while this page is already live.

So yes, maybe and at the end it is most likely a very similar feature request that #5. But in the bigger picture, I would love to see the possibility so work (or save) on more than one draft-version of a specific page while there is already a live-version.

I hope you can follow my idea… Maybe it’s only an extension if the #5 idea.

4 years ago
Changed the title from "Differen draft version for each site" to "Multiple (draft) versions of a page"
4 years ago
Merged into Revisions system#135
2 months ago