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Revisions system#135

Actually it’s a pain for content editors that there’s no built in revisioning or backup system. A simple versioning for files to move backwards 2 or 3 steps would be awesome!

A simple content lifecycle as found in plugins (publish later) would be a great standard tool I guess most heavy content editors are looking after!

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Built-in Revisions & Publishing" to "Revisions system"
2 years ago

This is indeed a fantastic idea for ADVANCED workflows - useful for use-cases where the site is used for serious blogging or professional publishing. But if I may make a request: if at all possible, please make all features related to these ‘advanced’ workflows OPTIONAL - ie., easy to hide from the interface. Most small business owners would not need these, and adding extra UI controls would actually detract from the delightfull and ‘super easy’ Kirby interface.

Perhaps this could be an option on the Page blueprint, e.g. revisions: true?

2 years ago

@Admin exact, I also think this should be optional cause it’s only useful for specific cases!

2 years ago

Agree on the optionality of this. Otherwise it would complicate matters for people that want to use a VCS (like git) for version control

2 years ago

As workaround: Versions for Kirby 3 plugin

a year ago

I am currently building my first projects with kirby, coming from wordpress. Actually I was pretty disappointed when I found out that you can´t preview changes that are made in the backend.
From clients perspective this is quite challenging. Especially when you have a modular layout system with blocks.
As a cleint I´d like to try which block suits best for the content that I want to publish – for this I need a preview or review.
Therefore this function is an absolute must have in my opinion.

9 months ago

@Pb you can preview pages also hiddenpages. Click on open in the left top corner.
And this point has nothing to do with a revision system. Or clear up what you meant?

3 months ago

@Kontakt With a revision system you could preview changes to existing pages before publishing those changes.

3 months ago
Merged Drafts for published pages#152
a month ago