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Make "Panel View Extended" Plugin Part of The Core#92


It’s the first plugin I install when starting any new Kirby site. I need it to simplify the interface for the client - like, often the Kirby core options only let me disable something, but not hide it.

Adding it to the core would cover like 10 other suggestions here.

7 months ago

Same here: every Kirby site I make includes it.

7 months ago

Care to share a link? Never heard of it before

6 months ago

+1, for sure - right now, this plugin is essential if we want to follow good UI guidelines (like totally hiding UI elements that are not needed). I use it on every Kirby site.

4 months ago

Oh, gawd, is it just me or is panel-view-extended broken in Kirby 3.5? Please, just add it to the core…

3 months ago
Changed the status to
2 months ago