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Pagetable as core field#80

Great for data-oriented projects. The table of subpages can be searched, sorted and provides very flexible layout options.

2 years ago
Changed the title from "Make pagetable a core field" to "Pagetable as core field"
2 years ago

Pagetable doesn’t support file sections and has no plans to do so (see this issue). If this was ever added as a core field, it’d be great if the solution could also support file sections.

a year ago

I imagine a new seciotn type, e.g. display. And you can define columns (what data to pull in, widht, lavel, how to show…). The cell value could be defined via field name or even more elaborate query (“page.myCustomMethod”). And then you define rows via a query.

That alone would be pretty straightforward. The difficult questions then are: does it have an Add button? Is there then a min/max limit? Doe the rows have options?

a year ago

Interesting! But I’m not quite sure if I understand it correctly. Should this section be able to display pages as well as files? And not only children, but everything possible via query? Something like a combination of rasteiner’s “pagesdisplay-section” and sylvainjule’s “pagetable”?

That sounds very useful, but it could possibly be that I have a slightly different focus in mind, namely database-like applications.

In my eyes, the section shows its strengths where you work with many data sets (subpages) that tend to be complex. In such cases, simple and fast data handling would be a real advantage. This would definitely include an add button. I can also imagine an explicit delete button per row (or batch processing via checkbox) as well as handles for manual sorting.

So I imagine an extended kind of data processing that is achieved by means of a specific representation. For such a section, a name like “display” would probably fall short, because it would not describe the functional benefit that the section would offer. Rather something like “datatable”, similar to “pagetable” by sylvainjule.

The search function of the original pagetable field is also really useful, again especially in database-like applications with many child pages acting as datasets. The same goes for the sorting function based on the column headers.

Having the options dialogue available per row would certainly be good. And by min/max limit, do you mean pagination of the list? That too, yes.

a year ago