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Drag & drop between sections#7

Add the option to move pages and files between sections via drag & drop.

4 years ago

It would also be great to have improved drag and drop interactions between sections and fields. Like dropping a file on a textarea. Currently the interaction is broken in some browsers. Also, the actual drop content could be extended, e. g. not only creating file references but creating markdown tables from CSV documents etc.

4 years ago

Two thumbs up for drag & drop! Referencing two Github issues circling this, although I’m not entirely sure this is the right spot to do so – should these be seperate entries? Or none at all, as they live in the Kirby repo and not Ideas?

4 years ago

Would this also cover moving files from a files section to a files field?

4 years ago

Does this also include moving pages from draft to listed?

3 years ago