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Pages, files, users field: better selection/checkbox controls#55

I would be great if checkboxes and selection list were redesigned to better accomodate user expectations. The current style is not clear in multiple areas:

  1. Checkboxes are round which usually is a style used for radios. The user thus doesn’t know whether a selection list is multi- or single select.
  2. Checked checkboxes have a bad contrast ratio (dark green to black) and you can easily oversee the selection. It would be great if the the selected item was highlighted in its entirety, e. g. by adding a background color to the row.
  3. Selection list are not easy to read because labels are left aligned while checkboxes are floating to the right. It would be easier for the eye to relate checkbox and label if the checkboxes were prefixed on the left.
  4. Checkboxes look like button icons although they are not buttons.

This is a great summary of dos and don’ts for selection controls by Taras Bakusevych:

a year ago
Changed the title from "Better seletion controls" to "Pages, files, users field: better selection/checkbox controls"
a year ago

@Nico, this also applies to the checkbox field, actually anything using a checkbox in the Panel.

a year ago