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Rename "Kirby" option in Image block#446

When using an “Image” block, it first asks the user to select the image “Location”, with the options being: “Kirby” or “Web”. (see attached screenshot).

The “Kirby” option means “stored with this website”, and “Web” means an external image URL.

I feel that the mention of “Kirby” here is a bit confusing, as with no other obvious mentions of “Kirby” throughout the panel (not even on the login screen), it can be easy for a CMS user to be familiar with the panel but not actually know what “Kirby” is.

Could we look at renaming these options to make them clearer? I’m happy to do the PR, just need agreement on the best alternative.

Location: • This Website | • External Website
Location: • Internal | • External
Location: • Local | • Remote
Location: • CMS | • Web
Type: • File | • URL


2 years ago
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In upcoming releases
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