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Blueprint pages section filtered#397


A standard kirby pages section that can be filtered. This is read-only and you can’t manage the pages. Pages are sorted A>Z or recently added>old.

Example: users can subscribe to an event. In the event I can see all the users attending. If I go to the user in the panel, I also want to display a list there with all the events the user is attending to. (no need to manage, just a read-only section/field would be handy!)

3 years ago

This plugin shows it:

Would be nice to have it baked in Kirby!

3 years ago

Do you also mean with this that you can somehow sort the ‘other pages’ (status = ‘not visible’) that are not in the ‘main pages’ section (status = ‘public’)? That is something I would really want.

2 years ago
Changed the status to
3 months ago