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Provide access to whoops error handler#371


As far as I understand, it is currently not possible to log all errors that Kirby catches to a file (or am I wrong?). This would be a great feature for production use.

If Kirby doesn’t want to add this in core, it could provide public access to the Whoops instance, so that one can easily add a handler and do whatever one wants with the caught errors.

In my case, I solved this by extending \Kirby\Cms\App:

use Kirby\Cms\App;
use Whoops\Handler\CallbackHandler;
use Whoops\Handler\Handler;

class MyApp extends App
    public function enableErrorLogs()
        // Create a new Whoops handler that simply logs the exception and continues running the next handler
        $handler = new CallbackHandler(function ($exception, $inspector, $run) {
                    'PHP error: %s (%s) | URI: %s | Trace: %s',
                    isset($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']) ? $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] : 'unknown',
            return Handler::DONE;


$kirby = new MyApp();
echo $kirby->render();

If the whoops() getter would be public, I could do this without extending the App class itself.

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16 days ago

We have a work-in-progress pull request for this here:

12 days ago
Changed the status to
In progress
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In upcoming releases
11 days ago

Wow, awesome, thanks for taking action so fast!

11 days ago

It’s a coincidence as we were working on this before. :)

10 days ago