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Kirby JSON Schemas for Easy YAML Validation#366

Most modern IDEs and code editors make use of language servers to provide services such as autocompletion, code correction and linting. The most widely-used server for YAML is yaml-language-server, which is used by YAML plugins in VS Code, Sublime Text, PHPStorm, BBEdit, and Nova, among many others. This server can use JSON Schemas to hint and validate the syntax of different types of YAML files.

There is a growing repository of publicly-accessible JSON Schema files - have a look at the JSON Schema Store, for example. In the Schema Store you will see official schemas for Github Workflows, Gitlab CI settings, and even Ansible Playbooks (all YAML files). It would be wonderful if we could have official JSON Schemas for the YAML files we have to create for Kirby as well - such as schemas for Kirby blueprints. Our IDEs/editors would then be able to warn us, for example, when we put ‘tabs’ in the wrong place, when we use restricted keywords in field names, or when we use the wrong value in a field setting.

The JSON Schema specificiation can be seen here.

3 years ago

+1 to get blueprint linting inside Nova!

3 years ago

related to #20

2 years ago
2 years ago