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Sticky header or scroll to top button in the panel#343

When I write a longer article and want to open the current draft I have to scroll all the way up and later down again, to further modify the content.
A sticky header or a scroll to top button would solve this.
If this doesn’t fit to the Kirby philosophy, why not add a collapsible sidebar with the most important actions?

9 months ago

Keyboard navigation works great to get to the top/bottom (in the absense of such a feature)

8 months ago

A sticky header has the disadvantage that it takes up some vertical room that is precious on smaller screens. We already have the sticky topbar, so making the title and options sticky as well would use a considerable part of the screen.

A simple “scroll to top” button inside the already sticky topbar could work though. Especially for users who are not as familiar with keyboard shortcuts and like to use their mouse.

8 months ago

often I find this is just to click the “Open” option so even if the options stuck that would be useful. Even a blueprint

   sticky: true

Also not a considerable amount of extra header space if the title/tabs are excluded.

3 months ago