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Core component: email#326


For now the PHPMailer class is fixed for the “email” method in kirby. I would like to see a more flexible construct, so that I can replace this mailer with an custom one.

3 months ago

what would you gain from a different class? any missing features in phpmailer?

3 months ago
Changed the title from "Individual email transport" to "Core component: email"
3 months ago

@bnomei I guess sending email via something that isn’t SMTP. Most transactional email providers (sendgrid, mailgun, etc) offer APIs that are faster and more reliable than SMTP.

2 months ago

This is a really easy enhancement to add. It would be great if Kirby could integrate with very popular email providers. Can it be considered in 3.6?

a month ago
Changed the status to
In upcoming releases
14 days ago