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blueprint - tabs anywhere#308

tabs can currently only be used at top level.
My suggestion here is to be able to use them anywhere when needed, maybe with a different UI than the top-level one.

2 years ago

I am not sure I understand what you are imagining. Could you describe it a bit more?

2 years ago

In my page fields, I want to use tabs to separate 2 (or more) content.
Let’s say I have a page for a course, with some informations and I have to show conditions if it’s for an online course, or a on-site course, etc.
They will probably have the same type of fields inside to enter some informations about theses conditions (Next dates, place, price, …).
Each type of course can be completed or not.

Actually i’ve made a conditionnal checkboxes/radio field to show each type of course we want to edit, but it’s not so great… And the page is longer.

2 years ago

There was an UIKit k-tabs component around the 3.5 release, but it got removed from the docs; the component is still there but a bit hard to use because it’s still factored for “top level” as you say.
See a hacky solution hee :
A real solution could be to implement k-tabs as a blueprint field, plus using the when section/field condition to hide/show according UI fields.

2 years ago

A few updates:

  • Since recently, the k-tabs ui component is back in the documentation, while almost not being documented and not optimised for re-use, it seems to slowly integrate kirby’s UIKit.
  • I’ve started a tabs field implementation as suggested above; but it needs a “hack” to hide the field modifications; a more native solution would still be appreciated.
a year ago

Another thought: Currently k-tabs is only used on pages with blueprints and point to a link that reloads the panel view, letting PHP update the selected tab via a “static” prop. We can change the tab visually by changing the tab prop, but there’s no way to know which tab has been clicked without using a link ! Leaving empty makes k-tabs unusable.
So it would be awesome if k-tabs supported dynamicly switching tabs.

4 months ago