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Make the "open page" button open page in the same tab#296

Not sure how feasible or possible this is, but I’d love a configuration option to make the button to open a page from the edit screen to not have the target=_blank.

My use case is a project which uses Kirby as a database, and the panel is basically an escape hatch for when the GUI to edit a resource in the panel is good enough.

Currently the new tax opening is a hardcoded attribute. I tried to overload the button, but was not able to do it reliably (and fast enough).

Thank you.

4 months ago

Upvoted, while well aware that this is can be subject of heated debate. If it can be made configurable with small effort, I believe that a admin config (or even a user setting?) config whether or not to open in a new tab would be a good thing. While users can deliberately choose to open in a new tab with Ctrl+Click or via browser context menu, the current default leaves no user-friendly way to intentionally not open in a new tab.

It may however come with some UX consistency challenges, as this behaviour should probably also apply to the “Open” link in page sections etc.? Furthermore, having this configurable would mean that the Panel of different Kirby sites could behave differently – not ideal from a product perspective?

If this is not possible or desirable: I wonder could a simple custom panel script solve this by removing target=”_blank” attributes…

4 months ago