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Block field: Always create a new block by hitting enter#293

In the Editor field it was possible to hit enter anywhere in a text, then the new line immediately became a new block. I could just continue writing in a new paragraph or change the type to image, for example, and insert an image. This was very intuitive and made it easy to write a blog ppost directly in Kirby. Also, it was easy to remember especially for clients.

I understand the advantages of having headines etc. as separate blocks, but then I think, every paragraph should also be a separate block. This would be an easy to understand mental model. Hitting enter creates a new block, hitting shift + enter creates a new line in the same block (For those how need a <br>).

In contrast to this, currently in the new block field, if I want to insert an image I have to:
• go into an existing block of text, a few paragraphs
• cut out the text that should follow the image
• create a new text block
• paste the text
• create the new image field above that text
• done

If I want to put this image a paragraph higher, I have to repeat these steps. Not only complicated but also, this creates two types of text blocks: Those with a single paragraph in it and those with mulitple paragraphs.
Hard to grasp for clients/authors and inconvinient for editing latr on.

4 months ago

Just for reference, since this suggestion appears to be related: there’s also an active issue on the Kirby repo regarding keyboard shortcuts for blocks.

4 months ago

Yes, this would be a step in the right direction.

4 months ago