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Avoid using argument names in hooks#292

You can’t have one closure for several Kirby hooks because func_get_args() doesn’t work unless you explicitly specify the arguments in the function definition.

Also, I’d argue that having this name-based approach is not so useful. Instead of looking up the argument position, I now have to look up the argument name.

Except this comes with a drawback. For example, in an :after hook, I want to call the content() method of the new object. It can be a Page, Site, File, whatever. With the current setup, it’s crappy because I need to have all three arguments ($newPage, $newSite, $newFile) and have separate logic for them. In the other case, I simply have an argument $new, make sure it’s first, and that’s it. If I want to distinguish between Page and Site, I can use is_a() as usual.

I think this feature adds more confusion (especially when it comes to func_get_args()) than convenience. Kirby would be better off without it and will have a few lines of code less. Or it could simply offload this complicated arguments system in the $event object that is passed. Then, you could use $event->newPage() or $event->newSite() and $event->newObject() when you don’t care about the type of object.

4 months ago

The arguments are already accessible from the $event object. This is one of the main reasons why we added the $event object recently. Please let me know in case it doesn’t suit your needs.

4 months ago

@Hristiyan Dodov Does $event->arguments() ( solve your use case? I would close this then.

2 months ago
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2 months ago