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Row field and column field instead of Layout field#273

Having Row field and Column sub-field would create the power of a real page builder, it could compete with any other.


  • Individal Rows settings
  • Individual column settings
  • Control what blocks can go to Row
  • Control what block can go to column
  • Less code needed
  • Endlessly more powerful
  • Better user experience

Layout field is good progress, but it is very static and restrictive:

  • No control over the columns
  • If user wants to change layout he must create new layout and transfer all content there manualy. Or delete everything and start again
  • Lost option for complex blocks. Very complex blocks can’t go to column.
2 months ago

Great +1 for this. We have also the same problems that we have to create everytime a new layout field when changing columns and everytime all options are gone. Also that there’s no control for the columns is hard.

2 months ago