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Ability to set settings for each layout column#260

Currently there is no way to set column specific settings on the layout without some rather complex and not neat solutions.

Examples would be you one row to have different font, or different background colour/image.

Currently these settings would have to be bundled into the layout which is cumbersome as its unknown how many columns the layout has when showing the settings.

Being able to define a blueprint to use at layout level would be great here.

This appears to be a trouble point for a few people from what I have seen.

3 years ago

Interested in ideas: How would this work UI-wise? Layout columns don’t have any UI themselves currently.

a year ago

This is really a very difficult task! The UI from the layout field alone is quite hard, another option is even harder. But also I would super like to have settings for columns.

Attached are 2 variations that I think are possible. I used in my Kirby instances always own CSS because I could distinguish in the native layout field the columns always only with difficulty.

But also with the native Kirby layout field it would go so. This way the columns would also have their own settings. Of course the bar would only appear if there are also column settings.

Of course it’s only a idea.

a year ago

this would be super nice to set custom classes for each column in a class based XX-column grid.


5 months ago