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Settings panel area#230

It has been discussed many times as far as I know but it just doesn’t give me any peace. Currently there is the menu item “Settings” in Kirby.

Variant 1

We rename this as already suggested here in “system” to express more clearly what this point does.

Variant 2 (preferred)

It would be still super ingenious if it would be possible to deposit fields in “settings” itself. Instead of only one blueprint for site (site.yml) there could also be one for settings (settings.yml). Here you would have to look how this would be accessible in PHP. Examples:


Or alternatively in the site blueprint and with another option “position: settings” or similar (prefered solution instead of seperate blueprint).

It’s hard for me to imagine the effort or the technology behind it, whether it’s a bigger or a smaller effort to implement that.

3 years ago


3 years ago

I’d personally love option 2. Hate to store site wide options inside the panel’s “homepage”.

3 years ago