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Fields preview for Blocks/Layout#216


When using Blocks/Layout, most of the time I want to use a custom block component, defining custom fields as needed. But using a custom block doesn’t show any visual preview, so it makes it very hard to use. I love how the Builder plugin has that accordion style panel, showing all the fields simply as fields. If I’m correct there isn’t a way to let the new Blocks/Layout feature simply show the fields instead of the of the rich preview?

4 years ago

I’m looking for the same feature. Right now im recreating the previews in vue, which doens’t feel right since I just want the fields and no special preview.

So either using the fields as preview by default or maybe even an preview option where we could specify which fields are shown in the preview would be great:

# my block
name: My Block
    type: toggle
    label: My Toggle
3 years ago

Recreating the previews sometimes really feels a bit strange.
The Structure field is also a good example for just showing the fields.

3 years ago

I just came across this plugin that does just that:

3 years ago

The Fields Block plugin by jongacnik is really great. It also reminds me of the Kirby-like-simplicity where the panel once started.

3 years ago

It would also be nice if the default preview would be similar to how pages are shown in a list, where automatically a small image is shown if an image is present.

2 years ago
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In upcoming releases
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