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Editor as core field#21

Make the editor core without needing the plugin

2 months ago
Changed the title from "Make Editor core" to "Editor as core field"
2 months ago

I think this will be an error because a lot of people don’t need it. What’s the problem by using it as a plugin ?

2 months ago

As someone who runs a site with alot of content I respecfully disagree Luca. The markdown editor is not overly non tech person friendly. When i switched to the editor, i cant explain the excitement from my content creators. There is nothing you cant do with the editor you can do with the markdown field (in fact it has a kirbytext block). They now have ability to easily create galleries and timelines, and I have block requests coming in from them so many more blocks on the way.

By making core, many more newcomers to Kirby will be exposed to the much improved content creation ability it offers and the great plugin coming out.

2 months ago

I also manage a very large website and the new editor is the only thing that caused a lot of porblems since the client started to ask “how i can color a test?”, “how i can center a paragraph?”. At the current state create or edit blocks is not easy.

I still don’t get why is it a problem handle it as a plugin.

2 months ago

“At the current state create or edit blocks is not easy.” its super easy.

2 months ago
Changed the status to
In progress
a month ago

Looks like this is needed to improve the UX of the editor (see Glad to see this is in progress!

12 days ago