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Add support for an audio-block#208

I created an audio block myself and shared my code here:

Attached you find my working solution. I would love to see that implemented ‘officially’ in a future Kirby release as I think this will be useful for many Kirby-users!

Thanks for considering!

25 days ago

I think such a block is more something for a custom development. In more than 100 websites we have never needed an audio integration. Also, I think this block has more to do with the frontend than the backend?

23 days ago

True, the requirements for a block such as this may vary from case to case and the output even more.

On the other hand, having one default BYO audio doesn’t hurt, right? Whenever I needed the “video” block, that was the same: I had to tweak backend options AND heavily modify frontend output, but it’s nice to do from an existing boilerplate than from scratch.

23 days ago