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Markdown syntax highliting in textarea field#140

Showing markdown highlighting directly in the textarea field, e.g.:

**bold** as **bold**
_italics_ as _italics_
[link](https;// as [link](
#headings with bigger font

Depending on the complexity of the entries and the design of the site, an actual preview can be overkill if all you need to check is whether you’ve used your inline styles correctly.

This feature is commonly available in Markdown writting apps like Caret or Typora.

Writting entries in MarkDown is one of the things I love most about Kirby, but without syntax highlihting it can be very unfriendly, especially to clients who come from WYSIWYG.

6 days ago

@Sylvain.jule and me made an attempt to develop such a field for the panel, it’s available at GitHub The plugin has some drawbacks, especially in terms of iOS compatibility, but that’s mainly caused by CodeMirror 5, which we use as our backend.

As soon, as CodeMirror 6 ( will be available, I hope that we can update the field to solve these issues. If you don’t need support for iOS, our plugin might help you for now.

I’d really love to see this feature in core, but given the fact that syntax highlighting in web apps usually needs pretty heavy JavaScript libraries for getting it right, I guess it should better be implemented as a plugin (such as the builder and editor fields) to keep the core small, especially since many new projects are chosing WYSIWYG over Markdown.

6 days ago