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More extensive field conditions#13

Currently it’s only possible to use Conditional Fields by adding one or multiple conditions to fields. “Show this field when this other field has the value X”.
It’s not possible to use something like an OR operator. That means it’s not possible for one field to be shown when one of a number of fields have a certain value.

It would be great to use the query syntax for this.

We discussed this topic on GitHub before:

4 years ago

+1 for being able to use query syntax, not just boolean conditionals, and using more advanced functions, not just the values of existing fields. Example: I have a files field, where the user can select 1 or more images for the page. If the user selects more than 1 image, the page will show a slideshow, and in that case, the user needs to pick a ‘transition’ between the slides. I only want the ‘transition’ field to show “if the number of images selected in the files field > 1”.

3 years ago

yes, or even just one image! if user has selected one image, then show

3 years ago

For me, having “>” and “<” would be very useful. Example: show a ‘warning’ in an info field if the user enters a value in another field “> 100”.

3 years ago

Just wanted to leave this here:

3 years ago
Merged Conditional fields: `then` option#54
a year ago

have fields displayed inside one or multiple structure fields based on select condition (e.g.) on top level of the fields. Something like this:
SELECT > STRUCTURE > ANY FIELD (only visible when option selected in select field)

4 months ago