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Permissions: disable/hide section, column, tab#12

Depending on the current user role, it should be possible to disable or hide sections, columns and tabs.

4 years ago

The ‘Panel-View-Extended’ plugin should be part of the core.

4 years ago

It’s already possible to do this using the Panel View Extended plugin, and custom CSS.

4 years ago

This suggestion maybe should be merged with

3 years ago

The ideas can’t be merged as they are about different kinds of permissions. I’ve added a link back to this idea so we can keep track of both.

3 years ago

This is a great idea. Was this ever implemented?

2 years ago

Since Kirby 3.6 this is actually possible using existing Kirby features without needing any plugins.

First, set up a custom CSS file to apply to the panel:

Then, use the .k-panel[data-role] selector to hide different items from certain roles:


[data-role="editor"] .k-section-name-styling {
    display: none;
a year ago

Mayeb to bring some life into this one again: what would the blueprint syntax be for this?

a year ago

Maybe something like this?

    type: fields
      editor: true
a year ago

If something is related to “roles”, I think it makes most sense to use “roles” for it:

type: text
  admin: true
  editor: false

Then, you can specify roles on a field level, section level, tab level, and page level.

a year ago