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Panel: duplicate dialog should ask for new page title#117

Author: Neil Daniels

I think it’s odd that the Duplicate Page dialog doesn’t ask for a new Title (it just asks for “URL appendix”).

At least in my use-cases, the title will be changed probably 99% of the time. If I happen to be duplicating a draft (which creates another draft), it will be extremely difficult to tell the difference between the two versions (without looking at the the URL in my address bar or on hover).

I would much rather have a Title field and URL appendix field so it matches creating a new page more closely.

It was brought up that this dialog wouldn’t adequately handle multi-language sites. Both the Title and URL appendix should be translatable.

I would also add that there are likely times when duplicating a page, it would be undesired to copy existing translations. (For example, if you need to write the primary language first, then have someone else translate that at a later time.)

Here are mockups of how I could see this dialog handling these scenarios.

4 years ago

I agree. This appears to be a simple fix that would prevent needless confusion. I love the additional options, too!

4 years ago

I have pages with events, for which people can register. The registrations are stored in the event page. It would be nice to duplicate an event, but not have the registrations (structure field) get duplicated.

My proposed solution, which might tie in to this problem above is to have a blueprint option for all fields and/or sections.

  type: text
  duplicate: false

Default option would be true and other options could be false or ask.
That last one could enable a switch control similar to the mockups above.

3 years ago
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