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Hide single templates in create page dialog#103

If a blueprint only allows for a single template to be used, there is still a read-only select box shown with that single template. While it might be interesting for developers while setting up blueprints, I think this is distracting for editors: they cannot do anything about the template. For them, it is as is is, there is only one to be used.

It would be great if Kirby was hiding template selection with only a single template to make the dialog more clear.

This could also be made conditional based on the debug setting: show the template select while debugging so developers can easily check which template they are working with, hide it in live mode when only editors are working on the site.

8 months ago

There’s a basic UI design principle which is: if the element is not needed, it shouldn’t be there. Making the interface as simple as possible for the user is what it’s all about.

8 months ago
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