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Custom fields in create page dialog#102

Currently, Kirby offers title, slug and template fields when creating a new page. Not all pages require this specific setup. Some pages might require a select box for title selection, other pages might require additional fields to be used in a hook to updates title or slug.

Currently, this functionality is provided by the Custom Add Dialog plugin which allows to set the used field in the blueprint.

As Kirby offers it’s own query language, it might also be interesting to use this for advanced title or slug generation that currently requires hook logic. E. g. there could be generate option in the blueprints to generate field composites:

    label: title
    generate: Almanac {​{​'Y') }}


    generate: {​{​ page.methodToGenerateHash }}
3 years ago

Some additional ideas on setting up custom fields inside the create dialog:

2 years ago

Would love to see an autopublish and redirect option here as well:

    title: false
    slug: ...
    # more field definitions
  redirect: false
  publish: true
10 months ago
Changed the status to
In upcoming releases
4 months ago


4 months ago